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How to Upload Images for Articles

How to Upload Images for Articles

Saturday, 06 November 2010 09:34 Prof. Leone

How to Submit your Stony Creek articles for QU201. Login required.
You cannot copy and paste your article and pictures from MS Word directly into Foundations of America. It doesn't work that way. Read More instructions on how to upload images.

Images taken by digital cameras are WAY TOO BIG to upload here on Foundations of America. They will crash the system.

If you have original photos, please reduce them to no larger than 800 x 600 before uploading. You can do this using Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. If you do not know how to use either of these, please email me your original photo, with the title of your article, photo description, caption, etc. See Inserting Images, Step 10. 

Before you post to Foundations of America:

  1. Login to Foundations of America using Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    (Safari or Google Chrome do not work properly with this environment)
  2. From the User Menu, click Submit an Article (registered authors only)
  3. Create a Title - It should be just as it appears in the list, i.e.,
    Copy your text from Notepad, and Paste it into the "story" box. You will go back and edit this later.
  4. Scroll down to select Section = Stony Creek Granite Sites
    Select Category
    = (select the category of your article from the available choices)
  5. Published = YES
  6. Show on front page = NO
  7. Author Alias - Your name as it will appear on the actual page.
    Please include your name and section - 06 or 16.
  8. SAVE your topic and return later. (skip to #10)
     -- or Hit APPLY to save and continue Editing. (You must either Save or Apply every 30 minutes or less to avoid timing out.)
  9. To continue after SAVE.
    - Locate your article by clicking on the menu Stony Creek Granite Sites, and (your category) 
    - Scroll down to find your article.
    - Click on the Pencil icon  to edit.
  10. Description - create a concise description of your article. Sentence form - this will be seen by readers who will decide whether they want to click on your story or not. Be sure to include all important key phrases in your description. You can come back later and update this as desired.

    Keep a copy of these offline for future reference.
  11. Hit SAVE (or APPLY) AGAIN
  12. Keywords - list all key phrases relevant to your article, separated by commas.
    Be specfic about any subject areas, countries, islands, people, etc. appearing in your article. You can come back later and update this as desired. Keep a copy of these offline for future reference.
  13. Hit SAVE (or APPLY) AGAIN

    If you are ready to add images, skip ahead to Inserting Images ... (below)
  14. Now go back and write your article.
    Hit SAVE FREQUENTLY so as not to lose your work. The system will time out in 30 minutes if you wait too long without saving.
    Keep a copy offline for future reference.
  15. Use only the default font and size. Bold, italicize as desired
  16. If you QUOTE OR LINK to WIKIPEDIA, make note of anything you have discovered that is conspicuously MISSING from Wikipedia. Let me know, and I will update Wikipedia (or you can do it yourself).

    To Create a Link: You must include links as appropriate to any resources.
    • Highlight the appropriate text.
    • Click the chain link icon above.
    • Enter the full URL of the link. (it's always best to copy the link from the destination web page and paste it here - to avoid possible typos)
    • Target: Select Open in New Window_blank

Inserting Images which do NOT have links
After you have SAVED the text your article, and have inserted image links as described above, you may want to UPLOAD images which do not have links, or which you have taken yourself.

  1. Select/Open your article from "Stony Creek Granite sites" by clicking on the Pencil icon
    (registered authors only)
  2. Select Image to Upload

    At the lower left, click the Image” button 
  3. You will see the Browse and Start Upload buttons.

    Click Browse to find and Choose the picture you want to upload (from your computer)

  4. Upload Image

    When you are ready, click Start Upload. This will upload you image to the Foundations of America server.
    (You don't have to enter descriptions until Step 5)

    Please be patient here. Within a few moments, you will see a Blue bar that says “Upload Complete”

  5. Now that you have succesfully UPLOADED your image, you must use the scroll bar to find and select your image, so it can be inserted into your article. (You will choose yours from the many other images that your classmates have uploaded. Go slow and be patient - it usually sorts alphabetically)

    Don't Click INSERT  - YET! You must enter descriptoin, title, caption and alignment before that.

  6. Enter an Image Title, and Click the Caption Box.

    This will appear as a caption on your article page after it is saved. Make it short and sweet, and spelled correctly, as this will be visible on the website. Also select the alignment of your image (Right or Left).

    Click Insert to place the image into your article. Enter a description for your image. This will be later found by (and search engines) and also users from the Foundations of America Search bar (at the top right of each screen)
  7. After clicking Insert, you will jump back immediately to your article editing screen, and will see the image inserted into your article.

    Click Apply or Save to lock it in.  (even if it isn’t is the right place. You will now go back and fix that)
  8. Fixing the image layout
    In the Edit Screen, select the image, and click the Tree icon, then follow the image procedure as you originally did with the Ragtime articles).
  9. Image SIZES - Important!

    Please! The page is only about 700 wide, so keep images under 400 pixels wide, if aligned right or left). Max size for centered images is 600 wide.
    If you have original or photos, please complete the procedure above by inserting the "000-Large-Image.jpg" provided on the server. This will be a placekeeper for any Large images.

    Make sure your descruiptions, titles and captions in thearticle are done, and EMAIL ME your large photo (if you do not know how to use Photoshop or MS Paint), in which case I will reduce it and get it into your article.

Last Updated on Saturday, 06 November 2010 10:50