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Phrase List

Foundations of America

QU201 Prof. Scott Leone

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Phrase List

Ragtime Phrase list for articles. Phrases in red are already reserved.

Available Ragtime Phrases

001 visited the fleet
005 Gibson, Charles Dana
005 Sevillina Style
005 White, Stanford
011 Marriage seemed to flourish on Father's extended absences
013 more customers
014 consigning to a return voyage old folks … insolent
015 Tateh was a socialist
015 the Little Girl
017 flash photos of indigent families
017 Riis and White differences
017 Riis' color maps
022 Pittsburgh dowager
031 battleships as white as teeth
032 Republic of Venice
033 Flemish tapestries of Actaeon
036 Brill, A.A.
036 Ferenczi
036 Lloyd liner George Washington
039 attitude toward Unions
039 entropic European civilization
041 nags in their yokes
041 ragmen
044 Socialist Alliance of Artists of the Lower East Side
045 drayman's horse
045 reckless liaisons
046 Hester Street
047 scrupulously clean
047 thumb and forefinger, palm up
048 filigree iron treadle
048 style of pamphlets
048 tub of galvanized tin
050 irrepressible and continuous crying
051 accord between the socialists and the anarchists
051 Ferrer, Francisco
052 Ibsen (dramatist)
054 pandemonium
054 phalanx of blue coats
057 because all whores you value propriety
058 Monongahela River
059 attentat
059 beleaguered
059 pitched battle
059 pitched battle
061 astringent
061 licentious
061 wanton
062 invigorating
063 emollient
063 paroxysm of saintly mortification
063 the bedside lamp seemed to dim for a moment
067 bunting
067 deserted by the race of males
067 salvia
068 Cape York, Greenland
069 opulently beautiful
071 sense of misfortune … contamination
072 Cape Columbia
072 Friml, Rudolf
073 Wood, General Leonard F.
074 Esquimo cohabitation
074 Esquimo woman suicide
075 auk
075 fastidiousness
075 resenting this primitive woman's claim to the gender
075 sun elliptically misshapen
077 breasted a ridge
077 precipitous descents
077 resenting Hanson presumption
077 trailbreaker
078 polar gear
078 temperatures encountered
079 72 degrees, 46 minutes
080 sextant, pan of mercury
080 silk flag
081 paleocrystic
082 accession
082 offal
082 sacrament of success
082 women went into hospitals … meningitis
083 sinuously
084 accountants dabbled in exhibition of motion pictures
084 Bara, Theda
084 creating individuals … of their own medium
084 resolute
085 alienists
085 carrying his newspaper … but of being rich
087 It is the law of wealth …
088 utopian serenity
089 she wanted someone who would treat her badly …
092 cost of train fare
095 tumbrils
096 indefatigable
096 the future lay at the end of parallel rails
099 Houdini's attitude toward Europeans
100 Hansa Theatre, Hamburg
105 Warn the Duke
109 electric suction cleaner
110 darkness and coldness that had crept upon him …
110 McCormack, John I hear you calling me
110 seamstress joined a New York union
111 a woman curious and alerted to his new being
111 preferred to sit … near a small electric heater
112 family limitation
112 Roosevelt’s safari inventory
112 Younger Brother’s role in fireworks division
115 alert to unexpected events and coincidences
115 meaning of something was perceived through its neglect
116 stories of transformation
117 little boy's latent telekinetic powers
117 test the endurance of a duplicated event
118 the world composed and decomposed in an endless process of dissatisfaction
118 unable to come out if it
119 boy's eyes saw only the tracks made by the skaters
121 Italians, Poles, Belgians, Russian Jews
122 strike display committee - stir the anger
122 Wobbly
125 bourgeois from the shtetl
126 police separate mothers from children
127 children prohibited from leaving Lawrence
135 replicate itself endlessly
135 work operations concept
138 control of railroads, shipping lanes, banks and trust companies, indus.plants and public utilities
139 deformities as assets - touch of God
141 Cathedral of St.John the Divine, NY
141 I have no peers
141 White Star, Red star, American, Dominion, Atlantic Transport and Leyland lines
142 dust from the city of God
142 reincarnation of Pharaohism
142 sacred tribe of heroes
143 Ford as Seti I
146 Morgan’s philosophy on mass availability of motorcars
149 Hermetica
149 pink stone !!!
150 awareness of the transcendentally gifted among us
151 hieroglyphs
151 Luxor and Temple of Karnak
152 Eastern Fakir's Eternal Wisdom
152 I had no call to know what I knew
152 The Pyramid
154 Egyptian Style all the rage
155 Boy studied the hieroglyphic alphabet
155 mask of an ibis
156 eyes so intense as to suggest they were about to cross
156 Walker, Coalhouse Jr.
159 Wall Street Rag - by Scott Joplin
162 reflected to his own dignity rather than the recipient's
163 Younger brothers view of love
165 ordnance officers
168 Zapatista
174 had yet to motorize their equipment
175 conflict Walker vs. Firehouse
176 it did not occur to him to ingratiate himself in the fashion of his race
177 fresh human excrement
179 barely civil in his attitude
18 sink at the bottom of the stairs
180 headlamps and windshield shattered
181 then find it there after all behind his ears or in his heart
182 he thought them complacent, ordinary and inconsiderate
183 refused to represent him
184 Conklin, Will - Emerald isle Chief
184 he wants to sue
186 could not marry until he had been satisfied by the return of the Model T
187 Grief and anger had been a kind of physical pathology masking her true looks
187 mellifluous
188 perhaps detected the violence underlying all principle
189 Tidewaters Hotel, New Rochelle
190 he was stunned
193 sepulchral
194 precipitous
195 Negro Musician's Benevolent Association
196 Matteawan State Prison Farm
196 spermatozoic
196 Thaw escaped to Canada
197 simian lope
198 Cecelia Weiss
199 Columbia the Gem of the Ocean (audio)
199 Gaudeamus Igitur (audio)
199 redolence
199 Skeptical of occultists
200 Maragretta and Kate Fox
201 principles of the storage battery
201 Secret Society
201 Steinmetz, the dwarf immigrant genius ...
202 Houdini's agreement ... research
203 He stood six inches above the floor
204 Brooklyn's Pantages
204 Fox's Union City
205 proscenium arch
206 Emerald Isle Engine company - real or fictional?
206 the Blast - real or fictional?
207 P.A. Setzer Company of Hickory, NC
209 Fire Chief William Conklin - real or fictional?
210 Philippine Campaign
212 cupola
215 German Philosophy
215 Groton (the academy)
217 Harlem of 1908
218 St. Catherine's (school)
219 his diction improved
219 The Sun
219 The World
220 Municipal Fire Station No.2
221 Association of Police Chiefs of the State of New York
221 flustered
221 licensing of automobiles
222 Portrait of Joplin, Scott
223 physiognomy
224 excellent asylums
225 estranged
227 festooned
227 Rube Marquard
230 Anti-Spitting League
230 Charles Victor Faust (real or fictional?)
230 like a windmill turns (pitching style - video)
231 foul universe
234 resolute serenity
234 under protection from a vengeful authority
235 abuse of Negroes ... seen out of their neighborhoods
235 latest orthopaedic procedure for broken hips
235 represent her best wishes
236 gun cotton and fulminate of mercury
237 invite every renegade ...
237 this was finally done - tangible proof ...
238 alienist
238 Conklin unable to understand ...
238 signals of mental deterioration
239 torpor ... complaisant
240 Pennsylvania Station - Stanford White (Stony Creek Granite)
242 going down several street more than once
242 intelligent appraisal... decision
242 syncopated music of Jim Europe (audio)
243 collar, tie and stickpin
244 like soldiers on patrol
244 munificent
245 die in a spectacular manner
245 ritualistic grooming
246 all feel holy (analogous to jihad?)
246 no one ever mess with a colored man ...
249 discover a life of genius
250 demonstrated his limits
250 without their feeling the need of instructing him
251 she thought she saw ...
252 Captain von Papen - surveilling the coast
253 history professor from Lyons (French)
254 Baron Ashkenazy
254 jodhpurs
255 energetic figure (compared to earlier in the story)
255 malapropisms
256 A Daughter's Innocence - movie
256 His First Mistake - movie
256 One-reelers
256 Pathe Exchange
257 Buffalo Nickel Photoplay (real or fictional?)
257 directness that verged on defiance
257 Tom Thumb Wedding - Kate Edson
258 Franklin Novelty Company
258 silhouettes turned on a wheel
259 film exchanges desperate for footage
259 nouveaux riches ... Christina world
260 anarchic flash and fireworks of a new industry
261 lappeted
261 tableaux vivants
262 Alligator man
262 Bearded lady - Kate Edson
262 Cardiff Giant (a famous hoax)
262 Siamese twins - Kate Edson
262 Six-Hundred Pound Woman - Kelsey Cantore
262 Wild Man from Borneo - Kelsey Cantore
263 comely
263 never surprised by coincidence
264 Mother and Tateh
265 Gottzudanken
265 Winslow Homer painting ... towline (image)
266 movement .. for a national tax on income
267 Pierpont Morgan library on 36th Street - role of architects McKim and White
268 or is injustice...civilizations?
269 Carmania
269 power of the white world
270 incarnation of power
270 Morgan's pilgrimage(s) to Egypt
271 choleric
271 District Attorney Charles S. Whitman
271 Gutenberg Bible on vellum
271 Mayor William J. Gaynor - Kelsey Cantore
271 O.H.P Belmont (also his Newport mansion)
271 Rhinelander Waldo
273 incunabula
274 Frederick, Elector of Saxony
275 florid
276 .. deference shown by Commissioner Waldo ...
276 Corruption in the Democratic Catholic Police Department
276 Goldman as national obsession of law enforcement
277 Goldman was liberally quoted (sensationalist tactic by the Press)
278 Cooper Union on Astor Place
279 Booker T Washington - Kelsey Cantore
280 admonitory
280 T-shaped plunger
281 shiftless
282 polychrome carved ceiling from Palace of Cardinal Gigli in Lucca (image and history)
282 Portraits of Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach the Elder (image & history)
284 barely detectable mourning sound
287 Give his automobile and hang him
289 Tammany Regime
290 malicious mischief, vandalism and illegal detainment of a citizen
291 We all Coalhouse
292 my death was determined from the moment Sarah died
293 kick at the world's supports
293 protuberant eyes
295 forlorn at their abandonment
296 the self-delusion of all those who oppress humanity
297 you may tell her I have always loved her and admired her
301 the coordinated volley of a firing squad
302 Leo Frank ... Mary Phagan
303 barrel cactus, Spanish bayonet
303 bib overalls and moccasins
303 companero
303 Toas, NM community of bohemians
303 Villa's march to Torreon
304 Carranza trying to assume control
304 castellated abbeys
304 Diaz, overthrown by a reformist, Madero
304 Madero overthrown by General Huerta, an Aztec
304 smoked macuche
305 Palace of Chapultepec
306 Bull Moose
306 Conference of Socialists in Vienna
306 Peace Palace opens at The Hague
307 bas-reliefs
307 faience
307 Leaving Europe as quickly as possible
307 Morgan's view of Royalty
307 morning coats, top hats, spats
308 Ford's negotiations with an inventor fellow (?)
308 Morgan's Pyramid designed by McKim & White (fact or fiction)
309 ba
309 ka
310 dragomans
311 rock of the pyramid field was pink
312 Countess Sophie
312 war speeds things up
313 violence peculiar to the Balkan states
315 distinguish the borders ...
315 Houdini accrued lawsuits by the dozens
316 Homer's paintings of Prout's Neck, Maine
316 the image of a small boy looking at himself in the shiny brass headlamp of an automobile.
317 feared Woodrow Wilson's lack of fighting spirit
317 infrared illuminated rifle sights (original)
317 lightweight machine gun (original)
317 low-pressure land mine (original)
317 portable Flame Thrower (original)
317 puttied nitroglycerine (original)
317 recoilless grenade launcher (original)
317 seventeen (advanced) ordnance devices
317 shrapnel grenade (original)
317 sonar-directed depth charges (original)
318 arriving eternally on the shore of his Self
318 father tended to recognize some of these at the expense of others (!!)
319 Slade of the Secret Service - video
319 Tateh's film idea
320 Goldman deported
320 Harry K. Thaw in Newport

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