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Quinnipiac Tribal Foundations of America - QU 201 http://www.foundationsofamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=47&Itemid=53 Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:56:52 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb 1731 Quinnipiac Quitclaim Deed http://www.foundationsofamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=526:1731-quinnipiac-quitclaim-deed&catid=47:cultural-conflict-in-southern-new-england&Itemid=53 http://www.foundationsofamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=526:1731-quinnipiac-quitclaim-deed&catid=47:cultural-conflict-in-southern-new-england&Itemid=53 Below is the actual 1731 document by which the Morriss group of New Haven agreed to take possession the last remaining Quinnipiac lands (50 acres) on the East Shore in exchange for land (allegedly) procured for them in the vicinity of Waterbury. The Quinnipiacs traveled north with all their wordly goods to relocate, but were never able to find the "promised" lands. Photographed and transcribed by Prof. Scott Leone. The document below (in italics) is accurate, complete with original spelling and punctuation to the extent that the document is legible.

Know all men by these presents that Wee James, Tom, Nim, Jacob, Adam, Deliverance and George Sachem of Quinapiug all Indian Natives of the town of New Haven in the County of New Haven in the Colony of Connecticut in New England for the consideration of fifty acres of Land in the township of Waterbury within said County by Deed Duly Executed well severed to the propriatory of said New Haven for the use of that tribe of Indians Called Quinapiug or New Haven Indians, by John Morriss of New Haven afore Said with which wee acknowledge our selves fully paid and Intirely Satisfied, Have Given and by these presents (so) fully freely and absolutely Give Grant Bargain  Sell Aliene Convey and Confirm unto him the Land John Morriss and to his heirs and assignes for Ever et Certain inue? of Land Lying and being in Said New Haven at the upper End of the New Indian field, on the East Side of the highway that Goeth through the Same field, Containing fifty acres be the same more or Less; and is Bounded Northerly by the Country Road Easterly on Parsonage Land in part and part on John Stones Land Southerly on Land for the possession of the law John Morriss and Westerly by the highway that Runs through the Land Indian field, and also one piece of Land Lying in the same field on the west side of the highway, Containing ten acres be the Same more or Less, and is Bounded, Easterly by the highway, Southerly by John Thompsons Land, Westerly by Land of mr Jim? Wood ware in part And part by the said John Morriss' own Land, And North by Land of Samuel Bradleys: also one other piece of Land Lying in the Same field, on the East side of the highway Containing three acres and one Quarter be the same more or Less: Bounded Westerly by the highway, Northerly by Land of the Sam's Smiths, Easterly and Southerly by the Land of John Morriss' own Land.

To have and to hold the Said Granted and Bargained premisses with all the Appurtenances in any wife there unto belonging unto him the said John Morriss by his heirs and Assigns for Ever to his and their onely proper use and Behoof for Ever: and wee the Said James, Tom, Nim, Jacob, Adam George and  Deliverance is for our selves our heirs and all that shall succeed us, Covenant with the Said John Morriss, his heirs and assigns, that at and until the Ensealing hereof wee are seized of the premises, and have right to Confirm the Same in manner as is above written and that the Same is free from all ?known? branies whatsoever: and furthermore wee the Said James, Tom, Nim, Jacob, Adam George and Deliverance Do Bind our Selves and our heirs to warrant and for Ever Defend the above bargained premises to him the Said John Morriss his heirs and Assignes Against the Lawfull Claims and Demands of all persons whatsoever,  In Witness whereof wee have here unto set our hands and Seals in New Haven this 8th Day of May Anno Domini 1731

Connecticut Ls: New Haven May 8th, 1731
Then personally appeared George, James, Tom, Adam and Deliverance the Ensealers of the above Instruments and acknowledges the same to be their free and voluntary Act and Deed Before one Jos' Whiting Assistant

Signed Sealed and DD
In Presence of
Josh Whiting
Josh Tuttle?

Signed sealed and DD
by Nim and Jacob*
in presence of
Sasue 4: Bishop
Stephen Brady

New Haven June 2nd, 1731
Then personally appeared, Nim and Jacob two of the Ensealors
of the above guffenment and acknowledges that same to di this free act and heed
Before me Sam*: Bishop Justice of the Peace

At right is detail of the pictograph signatures of the Tribal representatives. To the right of each are the official seals of the New Haven court.

stleone@shorelineinternet.com (Scott Leone) Cultural Conflict in Southern New England Fri, 09 Sep 2011 20:32:22 +0000